The Most Pure and Natural Bedsheets You Can Get

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100% Raw Organic Cotton Bedsheets

No Bleach. No Dye. All Natural.

Inspired by our love for nature and the importance of good sleep. We make the purest and most natural bedsheets you can get using certified organic methods, renewable energy, and intuitive Nordic design; to make your days and nights a bit more relaxing.

Better for people, better for planet.

Why raw organic cotton?

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Certified Organic & Carbon Free

Giving the farmers their due

Organic cotton puts a measure of control back in the hands of the farmers. They can grow food on their land and their families are not exposed to toxic chemicals. Organic certification also works to ensure basic social criteria are met to ensure a safe, non-discriminatory environment and that the men and women who sow, tend and pluck cotton receive fair trade wages for their hard work.

Buying certified organic gives back to the farmers.

"We don’t use any bleach or dyes. This organic process is sustainable and doesn't pollute our environment."

David O'Weger

"We love spending time outdoors, surrounding ourselves with nature. Living a responsible, environmentally conscious lifestyle — these are values we want our children to grow up with."

Minna O'Weger

"We wanted to make the most pure and natural bedsheets you could get."

David and Minna

"The natural color fabric is so beautiful and soft."

Ellen O'Weger (David's Mom)

"You won't want to sleep on bleach white sheets again"

Joe O'Weger (David's Dad)

Comes only in the natural color of cotton

The Cotton Ball

The Journey

The Staple

The Count & Ply

The Factory

Meet the founders

With the knowledge of a second child, we decided to pack our bags and leave our careers in America, to pursue our dreams of starting a new business together in Finland. For us, the natural and raw organic cotton fabric with no extra finishing or dyes is the best choice for sleeping - it’s beautifully soft, naturally hypoallergenic, and environmentally sustainable.

They’re the most pure and natural bedsheets you can get.

OUr Story

Soft and breathable for every season

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