Our Story

When we realized Minna was pregnant with our second child during a road trip in California, we decided to make a change and finally pursue our dream of starting a business together. We packed our bags, left our careers and gave up the comforts of our life in America to move to Minna's hometown in Finland. As you can imagine, with two young boys, a transatlantic move and the beginnings of a small business, the journey has been full of unexpected surprises but knowing that we are creating a better world for our children has made every step worthwhile.
We chose unbleached, undyed raw organic cotton because we did not want to contribute to the contamination of our groundwater with the pesticides, chemicals and harmful dyes used in traditional textile manufacturing. Unbleached, undyed raw organic cotton also has the benefit of being naturally hypoallergenic; making it perfect for families with young children like ours and people with sensitive skin.
We hope you enjoy the effort and care that has gone into each of our products.
From our family to yours, 

David and Minna O'Weger