Nordic Design Duvet Cover Hand Pockets

Aha! This is one of our best kept Nordic secrets. A quick google search for ‘how to put duvet cover on’ yields results such as ‘The California Roll Way’, ‘The Hand-Puppet Way’, ‘Use a Binder Clip’, ‘5 different ways to put your duvet cover on’, and the list goes on and on. This, however, simply isn’t a problem with bedsheets in the Nordics.

In Finland, everyone uses duvet covers with hidden pockets at the closed end of the duvet cover, so you can reach in and pull the duvet through. When growing up with this efficiency, you cannot imagine ever doing it the ‘haphazardly cramming the duvet in whilst crawling through the duvet cover’ way the rest of the world seems to insist on.

When living in the USA, Minna was so surprised to find out there were no ‘hand pockets’ in the duvet covers on this side of the Atlantic. She actually grabbed scissors to cut holes in the fabric herself! That’s how life-changing this is; you will never hate putting duvet covers on again, this we can promise you.