Why Raw Organic Cotton?


Recent assessments show that water consumption of organic cotton is 91% lower than conventional cotton. This is because the organic land is more porous with higher levels of organic matter in the soil; allowing the water to be absorbed. Additionally, organic cotton receives little irrigation and relies predominately on natural rainfall. So if organic cotton cultivation saves this much water, why does it still make up less than 1% of total cotton production?

One reason is simply because it's difficult for farmers to transition. It takes 3 years to clear the soil of chemicals and pesticides. Also, commercially grown cotton relies on GMO seeds, developed by huge agribusinesses and designed to be used only for a single season. Commercial cotton farmers are forced to go back to corporations each time they plant a new crop; giving these corporations enormous control.

A mind-boggling one quarter of the world’s insecticides and pesticides are directed to the cultivation of conventional cotton. 

Commercially grown cotton is incredibly harsh on the soil, the local environment and the communities harvesting it, due to the harsh treatment of the land. Pesticides and insecticides used in the growing of conventional cotton seep into earth, eventually contaminating and poisoning our natural water system. 

So, in line with what we believe in, we ensure our entire supply chain and products are certified organic. This means the cotton is grown, harvested, processed, and manufactured without pesticides, insecticides, bleach, or dyes and with a lower carbon and water footprint than traditional cotton. And we have to tell you, the natural color is absolutely beautiful!

Organic Cotton and Non Organic Cotton

Organic cotton takes significantly more time and skill to grow, therefore costs more. However, fully certified raw organic cotton uses less water, less energy, doesn’t pollute drinking water, damage the environment or impact the health of surrounding communities. Our farmers practice more biologically diverse farming techniques, maintaining the health of the soil and supporting local biodiversity.

Knotte's take on persticides in your cotton


Knotte products are made of 100% certified raw organic cotton with no bleach and no dye. It is important to us that we only offer the best of what’s absolutely essential. Every detail of our sheets is designed with careful consideration — from convenient Nordic design duvet cover hand pockets (which make it easy to put your duvet on) to reusable and recyclable packaging.

We spent over a year working with the details and the finishes so the product that reaches you is exactly what you hoped for. Our goal is to offer the softest, most pure and natural certified organic cotton products. To make thoughtfully designed, quality goods with processes that are both friendly to people and the planet. These bed sheets also have the benefit of being naturally hypoallergenic; making them perfect for families with young children like ours and people with sensitive skin.